Municipal Debris Removal Fund Program

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The Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation (AMIC) has created a new program endorsed by the Alabama League of Municipalities to help offset some of the debris removal costs associated with natural disasters. This program, the Municipal Debris Removal Fund or MDR Fund, is based on a simple concept: your municipality along with other Alabama cities and towns combine forces by contributing an annual set amount to the Fund.

LDollar“If your community has ever been through a tornado, you know how expensive it is to clear debris from your neighborhoods. The new Municipal Debris Removal Fund, endorsed by the Alabama League of Municipalities, is an excellent way to help offset cleanup costs as you restore your communities. Please consider joining your fellow cities and towns by participating in this important program.”

~ Guntersville Mayor Leigh Dollar, ALM President and AMIC Board Member


“As the mayor of a city that has experienced the devastating effects of a hurricane, I know firsthand that cleanup costs are enormous. Fortunately, the Municipal Debris Removal Fund, a new program endorsed by the Alabama League of Municipalities, is specifically designed to help offset those expenses. Please consider teaming up with cities and towns throughout the state by joining this extremely beneficial program.”

~ Robertsdale Mayor Charles Murphy, ALM Past President and AMIC Chairman

This  program is accomplished through  an agreement or contract called a Memorandum of Understanding between your municipality and the other cities and towns that join the Fund This is NOT an insurance policy or product. Nor is it a policy or product of AMIC. It is a simple agreement that says when FEMA declares a Federal disaster in the State of Alabama, your municipality agrees to use a portion of the money in the MDR Fund towards the unreimbursed cost for debris cleanup among all the cities and towns that signed the agreement. Money from the MDR Fund can only be used to cover costs associated with debris removal. For more information, click HERE.

You should have already received a packet with a program description, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and payment amount. We recommend that you have your municipal attorney review the MOU to help determine if this program is right for your municipality. If you choose to participate, it is imperative that your municipality approves, signs and returns the MOU and payment by May 1, 2021. This will allow AMIC to determine if minimum participation requirements were achieved to make the Municipal Debris Removal Fund a viable program. If there are not enough members to move forward, each municipality will receive its money back in full as soon as possible.

Should you have questions, please contact either AMIC President Steve Wells, AMIC Sales Manager Jim Chamblee or Underwriting Manager Doranne Newton at 334-386-3863 or 866-239-AMIC (2642).