About AMIC

Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation

(AMIC) is a mutual insurance company organized under the laws of the State of Alabama and owned by its participating Alabama member municipalities. AMIC was incorporated March 29, 1989, and began business on September 28, 1989. AMIC came into existence as a result of the “hard” insurance market of the mid 1980s, when many municipalities could not get insurance and those that could were charged exorbitant prices.

buildingphotwlogo2AMIC writes all lines of automobile insurance, commercial general liability, police professional liability, public officials errors and omissions coverage, bonds, property, inland marine and so forth. AMIC is the only company writing municipal business in Alabama that offers first dollar defense coverage as well as co-volunteer liability. AMIC provides 24 hour, 7-day-a-week, toll-free convenience for the claims of its members. For the Claims, Sales, or Service Departments please call, 1-866-239-AMIC(2642).

Coverage is available to municipalities as well as other incorporated municipal entities such as utility boards and industrial development boards. AMIC includes co-volunteer liability for fire and police volunteers protecting their personal liability and is one of the few insurers to cover multi-jurisdictional law enforcement activities, such as federally funded drug task forces.