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To find out more about our Loss Control Services please || CLICK HERE || to be redirected to our new AMIC/MWCF Loss Control Division website.

Loss Control Services

AMIC provides members with a variety of services, including regional and on-site training programs on a number of loss prevention topics. Frequent requested topics include Sexual Harassment Awareness, Employment Related Practices, Fleet Safety, Public Entity Risk Management and much more. In addition the Loss Control Division provides the following services to AMIC members:

Risk Management Site Review

Members may request a comprehensive, on-site evaluation and review of all entity operations and properties by AMIC loss control specialists. A formal report, complete with photos and loss control recommendations, identifies potential hazards and reasonable solutions.

Employment Practices Hotline

Through a toll free phone number members can be in direct contact with an attorney specializing in employment-related issues. When faced with a potential employment situation, the hotline provides a no-cost, 30-minute consultation.

Proactive Driver Training

Through an advanced, computer-controlled driver training vehicle known as the Skidcar System, students are taught a program based on driver discipline while experiencing a range of hazardous driving conditions at much lower and safer speeds. AMIC / MWCF conducts training year around throughout the state at a minimal cost to our members.

Firearms Training System "FATS"

Through our digitally interactive firearms training system, police officers can sharpen their decision making skills by responding to real life scenarios where force may be necessary. The FATS system is available statewide through appointment with Chuck Burns, our FATS Coordinator.

Occupational Health and Safety

"Deep South Center for Occupational Health and Safety"